Thrill of Cascading Waterfalls at Athirapally

Athirapally in Kerala is claimed to have one of the most unique ecosystems in this region. Rippling waterfalls, lush greenery and a variety of endangered flora and fauna that belongs exclusively to this place; is what characterizes this location. Athirapally is located near the Sholayar forest, in the district of Thrissur. Athirapally, Vazhachal and Charpa are the most well- known waterfalls here. This region is a popular haunt among environmentalists and nature lovers.

The Chalakudy river which arises from the Anamudi mountains is home to the awe- inspiring Athirapally falls. This waterfall has the distinction of being the largest waterfall in Kerala, having a height of more than 42 meters and a width of 200 meters. Its scenic beauty has made it a popular choice among filmmakers for shooting film sequences here. Dream World and Silver Storm are two water- based theme parks that are a major draw for those visiting this waterfall.

Near Athirapally, the Vazhachal waterfalls are another popular spot among picnickers. Surrounded by a plethora of colorful flowers and set amongst herb plantations, this is certainly a delightful place from where one can watch the waters cascading down through the forest.

The Charpa falls, on the other hand is best visited during the monsoon. This seasonal waterfall can be seen in its full splendor and power during the rains, a truly magnificent sight! While exploring this region, visitors can choose from accommodation options at Rain Forest Resort or Bethania Resort which are located close to these waterfalls.

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