Exploring Kovalam Tourist Destinations

Kovalam which is rather known as the Paradise of the South is a popular place to visit here at Kerala. The town is surrounded by the Arabian Sea in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. The name Kovalam as an international tour destination is derived from the coconut trees which is quite famous here, a beautiful beach view through the coconut palms trees. The Kovalam Beach used to be a special destination for the European visitors when India was under their control. As the entire city is surrounded by three beaches, it provides a wonderful experience to the visitors nowadays in terms of water sports and luxurious stay at beach resorts.

Long back at Kovalam:

G.V. Raja who was the Prince of Travancore in those times was the first person to find out the importance of Kovalam as a major tourist attraction centers. He promoted this place during his time, after which the contemporary Kerala Government made efforts to bring it among the major tourist attraction places of the world. Towards the 1990s, Kovalam gained much importance among the trade centers.

The highlights of Kovalam are the beaches; however the Lighthouse Beach, Samudra Beach and Hawah Beach together form a unique combination to enhance the beauty of Kovalam.

About Lighthouse Beach:

This beach is often ventured by tourists from all over the globe. It lies to the southernmost end of Kovalam. The name derived for this beach is from the Vizhinjam Lighthouse which is housed atop a rocky headland of 35 meters from the sea level. The visiting time of this lighthouse is from 3 pm to 5 pm in the evening.

About Samudra Beach:

The Samudra Beach is a large fore land that separates it from the southern Kovalam. Being occupied majorly by the fisherman, the beach is apt for fishing and trade purposes. This part of Kovalam does not gather much compared to the rest, still it is one of the finest places.

About Hawa Beach:

The Hawa Beach is also an activity spot for fishermen where they do their daily activities of fishing. The enchanting blue waters of the beach attracts crowd. Being a secluded place only meant for fishing purpose, not much crowd is seen here nowadays.

Things to Venture into at Kovalam:


Surfboards and body boards can be hired here by paying some money. However the payment is worth it as surfing experiences you one of the finest adventure sports you had ever tried. The payment is somewhat hiked in peak seasons when the crowd is more and weather is apt.

Wooden Boat Ride:

Ancient boats skillfully built out of bamboo paddles are seen here which are driven by the local fishermen here. You can hire wooden boats and cruise in it. Usually this activity is mostly done during the breaking of the dawn as this time is the perfect for viewing places around it.

The best time to visit Kovalam:

Generally, the best time to visit Kovalam is from September to March. During this time temperature remains apt. While you may experience mild warmth during the starting of summers after March which varies over 25-26 degree Celsius, winters are rather cool with a temperature ranging from 15-18 degree Celsius.

Kovalam is a pleasant place for enjoying quality time with your loved ones. A trip chosen with us will ensure a much safe and secured journey. Out teams at Kovalam and local guides will help you to see the tidbits of the place. Read more on Kovalam as an International tour destination in Trivandrum.


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